DragScroll is a JavaScript script that allows the user to scroll an entire web page by dragging or 'swiping' the mouse cursor. A popular application is to to allow the user to navigate large maps, charts, tables or images that overflow the viewing area.
In addition, bi-axial scrollwheel scrolling is supported.

To allow conventional interaction, the functionality can be toggled by double-clicking on the page.

D r a g S c r o l l

To scroll the page, just drag the mouse cursor.

To toggle dragging on/off, double-click anywhere on the page.

To toggle the scrollwheel axis, click anywhere on the page.
The default axis can be configured.

Allows scrollwheel operation when scrollbars are hidden.

Scrollbar Toggle   Inertia Toggle

Download Instructions and Source Code

For similar functionality within scrolling <div>s,
try D r a g D i v S c r o l l