Welcome to Scripterlative

This site exists to provide high quality JavaScript code to meet many of the commonly expressed requirements of web developers.

The scripts are written with consideration to robustness, ease of installation and configuration. Where applicable, the code can be used in multiple instances in the same document. No script requires any editing of its supplied code.

The site's inception was encouraged largely by the inadequacies of other online JavaScript repositories with sponsorship-driven agendas and offering little or no support for often sub-standard code, usually from long-vanished authors. Programming forums are full of requests for voluntary help in respect of scripts "found" on such sites.

Conversely, whenever a satisfactory demonstration leads to a download of our code, it is imperative to us that it results in a successful installation on the intended website. To this end we undertake to provide a reasonable level of email-based support to anyone having the basic text editing skills required both to install scripts, and to specify relative file paths.

While the less complex scripts are entirely free, for the rest in recognition of the time and effort taken developing and documenting the code and any support that may have been rendered, we expect a gratuity of the user's choice via PayPal. Our receipt of a gratuity in respect of any script, will be understood to mean that the sender has judged the code to be suitable for purpose. This condition is reiterated in the documentation of the relevant scripts. We do not suggest any amount and no transaction takes place.
Anyone unable to agree with the above principle is advised to seek an alternative code source.
Should any long term abuse of our code come to light, we reserve the right to remind users by any available means.

For a further description of each script, click on its heading. To go straight to its demonstration page, double click.