I am a marked-up div, initially styled to display:none
I am a marked-up div containing a
which means I am classified as interactive. This would apply if I contained <iframe> or <object>.

Hover me and I will persist until either you click the Close[X] button that the script added to me, or hover another link.


Highly Versatile, Easily-Configured Tooltips
Add a New Dimension to Your Pages

UltimaTips generates popup tooltips in response to the mouse hovering / screen touch of designated page elements, typically links or thumbnail images.

Tooltip elements can be created either with HTML markup, initially styled display:none, or script-generated using specified text. Script-generated tooltips can be used to replace standard tooltip text.

Both marked-up and script-generated tooltips can have any specified stylesheet applied to them by the script. When no stylesheet is specified, dynamic tooltips are styled by the script's default stylesheet, and marked-up tooltips receive no addtional styling. To use this script, a reasonable knowledge of CSS styling is recommended.

Tooltips created via markup may contain any elements including links, forms, images, iframes etc. When a tooltip element contains a form, iframe, or object tag, it is classed as potentially interactive and its behaviour is modified.
If such a tooltip is hovered while visible, it remains visible until either its auto-appended "Close" button is used, or another tooltip is triggered. This allows operation of any interactive controls that the tooltip may contain.

All tooltips can be dragged and are enterable by the mouse cursor, making single-level inline menus simple to implement on any page.

To demonstrate some permutations of use, hover the links below.

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